Monday, October 7, 2013

US Government Shutdown: A Beastly Take

Trying to explain the concept of "government" to free Beasts is...challenging.

They finally (sort of) got it when one of my housemates explained that we "Giants" (as they call us humans) empower other Giants to:

(1) Get Things Done.


(2) Help Americans.

THAT made sense.

So they were mystified when the US Government "shut down." They clearly saw that Shutdown means:

(1) Things DON'T Get Done. 


(2) This HURTS Americans.

And when the Beasts heard that the reason the government shut down was because one gang of American Giants with healthcare didn't like a Law designed to Help all American Giants get healthcare, they were incensed!

So, they mean the Help-American-Giants-Get-Healthcare Law was STOPPED by a few Giant Eejits who didn't want it to be a Law?

No, we told them. The Law went into effect, as scheduled, at Midnight, October 1.... exactly the same moment those Giants shut down the government.

So, shutting down the government...didn't get the Giant Eejits what they wanted...AND hurt those they are supposed to Help?

Right, we told them. 

They tried to make sense of this...

...and failed. 

At this rate, they will never understand our world.

(I can't say they are alone in that. Neither do many of us "Giants.")

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