Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to Build a Beast

Once upon a time (last week)...

In a frozen wilderness
 of dazzling beauty 
and icy peril...

...there lived some Beasts.

Burlie and Friend hailed from an Enchanted Emerald Isle and were not familiar with snow. They were full of wonder.

Then Burlie had an Idea.

"This Magic White Stuff? I bet it's the same 
Magic White Stuff 
The Goddess used to make US!"
Burlie went on: "WE could make a Beast!"

Friend was delighted. They set to work.

Burlie got Impatient. At this rate, it would take 
f  o  r  e  v  e  r
to build the Beast.

So Burlie took matters into his own fists.

And soon they had...
The Beast

But this Beast was rather...blank. Then Burlie remembered
 that The Goddess created faces using various 
magic wands
Wands that carved, and wands that colored (and tickled).
...So Friend found a stick and sunk his teeth into the task.

"Hmm...Still not very lively, is he?"

Burlie thought he remembered The Goddess saying something... 
...about the eyes being windows, or something.

 Since he didn't have any windows handy, Burlie gave 
the new Beast some seedpods.

Friend thought what the Beast needed was a SMILE.


"Nah," said Burlie.

But the new Beast still seemed...oddly still.

Burlie looked at Friend. Friend looked at Burlie.

Then Friend pointed something out:

And Burlie agreed:

Of course! ARMS!

Yet the new Beast wouldn't respond... matter how loud Burlie SHOUTED

 So Friend made the Beast ears so he could hear,
while Burlie tried arm-wrestling him to get him to talk.
 Burlie won.

But the Beast still didn't speak, or move, or...anything.

"What are we missing?" Burlie raged.

"Hmm...Whaddya bet The Goddess has some secrets, like
Extra Secret Magic?"
"Yeah. That makes sense. Must take a LOT of Magic
to make a Real Live Beast!"

They concluded that The Goddess sure was smart...and that they might as well just go exploring --  then go home to the human "Giants," who were making hot chocolate.


They left behind the "Beast."

(Who didn't seem to mind.)

They might not have been able to make a Beast...
 ...but it was still a beautiful day.

And they had made the world a better, Beastlier place...
...just by being in it.


"Bread is made
With flour and yeast,
But only Gods
Can make a Beast."