Monday, June 4, 2018

Beastly Symbionts

Symbi's tree-legs like the solid earth. 

Osis' feet itch for the trees.

Each is a master of his own turf,
In which he has expertise.

Yet they have found something in one another,
That causes them to yearn--
--For the companionship found in each other,
And all that they can learn.

For Beasts are wise, and recognize,

That "difference" does not mean "deficiency,"
         and that sometimes the Other's ways harmonize, 
distinct yet complementary.

They know the value of compromise,
Taking turns, they each gain new perspective: 

Because their lives now synchronize
Their lives are now more effective.

They are thought an unusual pairing, 
Yet they have found that life is better,
And is, in fact, not merely sharing:
It's truly joining together.

Two limited viewpoints have intertwined. 

In fact, they've synergized.

Now seeing 360 with worldviews combined,
Symbi and Osis are synthesized.

Each retains his identity--
Symbi's still Symbi; Osis, still Osis. 

But they are also a brand-new entity:

Together, they are SymbiOsis. 



SymbiOsis and the rest of the
Beasts and Beings
wish everyone a
Happy Pride Month!