Friday, September 27, 2013

Beastly Ears

Our friend Fia has a problem. A few weeks ago, she suddenly lost her hearing in her right ear.

She has been to many, many doctors and had many, many tests. This was not caused by a loud noise or an infection. It is a kind of hearing loss called "sensorineural" (doctor-speak for "either sensory or neural; we don't know"). The cause was "idiopathic" (doctor-speak for "we have no clue").

Burlie is sympathetic. He is surprisingly gentle with the afflicted, even though he is a Mighty Beast. 

Besides, he can relate. He's lost his own hearing once...

...or twice.

Both times he lost his whole ear! Though in his case, the cause was not so mysterious...

He does tend to be rather daredevil...

...and a tad reckless in other ways...
So, it's not too surprising when he loses an ear.
He tends to start his healing process with "the hair of the dog."

He's quite nonchalant about it.

He knows he just has to get himself back to the Enchanted Emerald Isle, so the Goddess who created him can heal him.

For Very Special Beasts, like Burlie, sometimes the Goddess makes housecalls.

He finds the magical healing process fascinating...
"How does THAT become an ear?"

...and he enjoys it all very much: the Magic...


...the healing...
 ...and, of course, basking in the attention of his Goddess.

Each time the Goddess heals him, he is none the worse for wear...
(And not a whit more cautious.)

Burlie thought Fia should go to the Island, that the Goddess would fix her right up.

Fia was not so sure that would work, as she is a human. (Or, as Burlie would say, a "Giant.")

But Burlie can be very persuasive.

And so can the others.

So Fia agreed to try.  (It certainly sounded pleasanter and more soothing than all the medical offices she's been going to, and all the pills she's been taking.) 

And the Goddess agreed, because Fia is a FoB ("Friend of Beasts"), to make a house call.

She got right to work (for Goddesses have a lot on Their plates):

And, voilá!
Fia is much better!


Whether "Giant" or Beast,
and whatever your woe...

...don't discount magic:
It's there more than we know.


  1. Wow! Is it true? Your ear is feeling better! Yippie!
    And it's so wonderful that Burlie has been so understanding.

  2. LOVE! and don't discount the healing powers of the goddess! :)

  3. I am glad to know that Fia's hearing is much better!And Burlie is so awesome! As are ALL of the beasts! (Amazing family picture there...and I just realized I could click for a bigger, more glorious view!! WOW) I love how Transformation is pictured here. Healing is truly magical, as well as natural! Thanks for a great post!