Friday, June 15, 2012

Beastly la Différence

Though they are of the same species (Beast), Whimsy and Burlie could not be less alike.

Burlie is 

While Whimsy is

Burlie is

While Whimsy is 

Burlie is

While Whimsy is

Burlie is

While Whimsy


While Whimsy

Yet they are Good Friends.

They have been friends for a long, long time. They met back on the Enchanted Emerald Isle -- and they reunited here in "Merrikka" when Burlie rescued Whimsy after Hurricane Irene...
...and brought her here to live with us.

They share many values...

...and many interests.  

Both like exploring the beauties of our world. They both see a lot.

Burlie likes to look far and wide.

Whimsy likes to look close and intimately.

While they both like exploring...
...they each tend to do it at a very different pace.

Whimsy likes to STOP and smell the flowers. 

Burlie wants to GO find more!

This can be challenging.

So...they don't always see eye to eye.

And then their different styles can cause:

Burlie wants to See! and Do! as much as possible, as fast as possible!

And sometimes, MORE than is possible.

(Whimsy has been known to rescue him, too.)

Sometimes Burlie wants to DO SOMETHING:

He wants to GO for the gold.
He is sure if Whimsy follows him...
She will love it, too.

Sometimes Whimsy goes with Burlie. But sometimes she wants to STAY.
She is sure Burlie will want to, too.


When Burlie can't persuade Whimsy to GO...
And Whimsy can't persuade Burlie to STAY...


Then Burlie gets frustrated.

And Whimsy feels pressured and misunderstood.

Whimsy is sad when they aren't in harmony.

And Burlie is sad when Whimsy is sad.

While they both enjoy the pleasures of a Magical Garden...

Burlie wants to climb up high, to See! and Do!...and Whimsy wants to stay on the earth where the flowers are.

So, sometimes...they part ways.

They each do what feels right to them. 

Burlie scales the heights...
 Whimsy enjoys the flowers...

 And it does feel right...

Even though they miss each other.

(Sometimes...they are not as far apart as they think.)

Their friends watch them, with concern and love. 

They love and appreciate both their dear friends, for exactly who they are.
No need to take sides.

They commune with Whimsy and the flowers.

They Adventure with Burlie...

...and join his lookout for What's Next.

It is hard for their friends, too, to see Burlie and Whimsy struggle.

But there is Wisdom. And Trust. And Love. They know and love and trust...
Burlie's Burlie-ness 
Whimsy's Whimsy-cality.

And they know Burlie and Whimsy love each other, too...and that all will be as it should.
And in the meantime, their job is to be there with love.



Beastly Math

When your dear friends
are at sixes and sevens,
their arithmetic has gone awry.
Beastly Math
has the solution
every true friend should apply.

Beast friends add
(and don't subtract)
all the love
(and don't divide).
And Beasts then find
in this equation
all the love
will multiply.