Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Little Drummer Troll

Burlie wandered into a Beastly shop called
in a Beastly town called

He thought the drums
were really cool!

He could play with his feet!
He just had to STOMP REAL LOUD!

The nice Giantess who owns the drum
showed him her technique.

He was determined to master it.

And he tried...

But it was hard!
So she showed him again.

And he whaled on it!


Woo! Hard work. But FUN!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vampire and Victim?

Vampire and victim?

Or Friend & Burlie fooling around?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friend's Friends, Part I: The Popcorn Beast

Friend, true to his name, is very friendly. In fact, he beFriends everyone (and everything) in sight.  Where you and I see "plant" or "inanimate object," he sees "friend":

But, as fond as he is of floral friends, he is most excited when he thinks he's found another Beast. Which he does. Everywhere. All the time. 

Take the other day, when one of my housemates made popcorn.* Friend wandered into the kitchen and "met"... 

The Popcorn Beast!

They had so much in common!
He couldn't wait for us to meet
the Popcorn Beast, too.

My housemate and I looked at each other. Uh-oh. What would happen when the popcorn was, you know...gone?

We didn't have to face that right away, because Friend ran out to the garden to see some of his other friends.


So we got to eat our popcorn in peace. But soon, Friend came back. And then...

He wondered why his new friend no longer smiled.
And how he had lost his teeth.
(We didn't have the heart to tell him...)

We wondered how long he would grieve for his Popcorn Beast friend... silent, grim, and toothless.

But we shouldn't have worried. Friend respects all Beings' moods. If the Popcorn Beast doesn't want to grin or play, that is its right.

 And, fortunately, Friend has plenty of friends.


*Tip: For the healthiest, happiest popcorn, use grapeseed oil.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some Beasts Have Come to Stay...

One of my housemates and I were sitting on our deck, enjoying some organic, no-sugar-added frozen strawberry margaritas.*


We were talking, and suddenly realized: We weren't alone.
We had Visitors. Beasts.

(Two Beasts and a Being. To be exact.)

The guy on our left told us he's a Troll, by the name of Burlie. He said his friend's name is Friend.

The Being with them introduced herself as Paradoxy. (Dox for short.)

She was particularly impressed with our antique cocktail glass.

Of course we asked them to join us.

(Good thing we have lots of small glasses!)



Mmm! Refreshing.

Burlie, for all his strength, couldn't quite hoist the glass.

(Oh, excuse me...he says he didn't want to.)

I was afraid that strawberry margaritas would be too fruity-pinky-girly for a Troll...

But no. Burlie assured me he liked it very much.

We wondered how Friend could drink without arms....

But he manages!

Spills? Not a problem!

Over drinks, they told us they were visiting from a faraway Emerald Isle. A Beast friend of theirs had invited them to America to study human nature.

(Well, they called it "Giant nature." But we figured out what they meant.)

So far, they had found their researches wildly entertaining. But now... well, they were looking for a place to stay...
 What could we say? Looks like they'll be sticking around for awhile. (As long as they want!)
*Recipe: (Relatively) Healthy "Sugar-free"** Frozen Strawberry Margaritas

-Blanco tequila
-Hangar One Orange Vodka (because less sugar than Triple Sec, Grand Marnier, etc.)
-Fresh-squeezed organic lemon juice
(3:1:2--or to taste)
-Fresh organic strawberries
-Frozen organic strawberries (instead of ice)
-Strawberry Stevita (naturally flavored stevia)

**Booze and fruit, of course, contain sugars.