Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beastly Night!

Tonight is a night of shadows...
 A time to embrace the dark... 

It can be fearful, it can be fun--
This journey on which we embark.

Tonight is a night for Shadows.
If we dare look...
...what worlds can be seen!
Beasts say, "Dance with and Honor our Shadows!"
On this Samhain and Halloween.


The journey can be fearsome, but in the end...
We may find a Shadow can be a Friend.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Burlie was "helping" me drive. 

Suddenly, he yanked the wheel. 

I had to brake sharply. Before I could chide him about Safety, he was gone. Then I saw what had grabbed his attention:

And there he was...

(Ever since the Beasts Occupied Wall Street, Burlie has been given to "Occupying" anything he doesn't like. He used to just punch people.)

He climbed atop the sign...
...and raged:

"Monsters have Rights!
They are Living Beings!
Just like us Beasts!
Just like you Giants!"
[By "Giants," he of course meant us humans.]
"They can't be SOLD, like things!"

He went on, quite eloquently, about "Giants" enslaving and selling all manner of Beasts and Beings--even Giants enslaving other Giants

I NEVER would have gotten him away if I hadn't told him he had misunderstood the sign...
...that it was the MONSTERS
 who were doing the selling.

That cheered him up.

 And we were back on the road.


You may think he is a Monster--
Though he's not, he doesn't mind.
Beasts know we're all united.
They await true Human Kind.