Sunday, April 10, 2016

Beastly Achievements

The 50 Beast Show was a Resounding Success!

Of the 50 Beasts, only 2 remain who are looking for a new home!

The Beasts who live with me (not surprisingly) have persuaded several of the 50 to come stay with us.

The New Arrivals are settling in nicely. I'll introduce you to them all in due course.

One guy who made his presence felt immediately is: 

WinsTon, the Achiever Dude.

(He chose the name WinsTon
because he says he always 
WINS! Tons!!!)

He has already made quite a splash in the neighborhood!

...Though he does not always meet with the success he expects.

But he never gives up!

He just...well...goes on to his next project!
"If it ends badly, it isn't the end!"

One day, while he was out and about, his Creator, the Goddess Jennifer Russell, happened to see him...
And do you know? She did not recognize him! She merely thought to Herself, "That's a very fine Beast!"

(Which of course he is.)
Perhaps she got so close to her Creations in the making, she lost perspective...

...and needed some distance... really SEE:
She finally SAW him. And THEN she recognized him. And saw that...yes, he IS!

I tell you this story because I think we all need to do that. We get so close to what we work on that we cannot truly see it. So we cannot evaluate it. Let alone judge it. (Which we should never do.)

We need to learn to let it go. It is only when we can release our work, and forget it began as part of us, that we can really SEE it.

We can learn from this Goddess: Set our work free, then look at it afresh without attachment.

SEE it.


WINston the Achiever Dude takes full credit for this message.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

50 BEASTS!*!*!*!*!*!

The Day has arrived! 

The Day of the 50 Beasts Show!

That means:


...that is, BEASTS--to the 50th power!!!

And we do mean POWER!

Burlie and the rest of us hope to see you there!