Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth's Earth Day Message

The Earth has been sending us increasingly urgent messages. But not enough human "Giants" are listening.

Parts of the Earth are out of patience.

"You idiots!" says RocQuête. "Look what you're doing to your own home!"

"Some of you actually seem to think money--of all things!--makes you immune to the consequences of your actions."
Can you buy a new planet once you're finished trashing this one?"

"You think you are smarter than me? You think I am 'just a rock'--that I am just some tiny thing, all by myself, not part of the mighty Earth?"
"As if such a separation were even possible!"

"What is even more ridiculous--you think YOU are separate from the Earth."

"How? What do you think you are standing on? What do you think has been supporting you your entire life?"


"You know, Earth has ways of dealing with species that become too much trouble."
"When was the last time you saw a live T-Rex?"

"Know what I'm saying?"

 "So if you want to avoid the dino treatment, it's time to ACT:

"The Earth has supported your kind for millenia.
It's time for your kind to support HER."