Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Trestle Troll Tracks the Trestle!

Burlie, like most Trolls, is very fond of bridges. 

He particularly likes some of our local ones.

But Burlie's  favorite type of bridge is the TRESTLE.
(Indeed, he has at times been called The Trestle Troll.)  

So he was delighted to hear of a local project...

The plan is to restore one of Burlie's favorite trestles...
The Rosendale Trestle reconnect the full rail trail... we human "Giants" can hike and bike it...
...and so Beasts won't fall through the planks.

Of course, a little danger isn't going to deter Burlie...

 Nor will signs...

...or locks...
...or fences.

But Burlie wants those of us who are more law-abiding to also be able to share in the Trestle.

So he hopes you will support the worthy cause:

He's so excited!

 He's lying in wait for people in Rosendale... exhort them to support the project.

Ahem...sometimes, it's more like EXTORT them.
"Support the Trestle. Or else!"

But he means well. And it's for a very good cause!


Burlie is always happy
to put our money
where his mouth is.

(And we are happy, too!)

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