Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beast-Parents' Day: Fathering

Just as not all Beasts have mothers, many also don't have fathers.
(After all, Beasts and other Magical Beings aren't always created in quite the way we human "Giants" are.)

But being created without traditional fathers just means that they go out and find fathers. And they go out and find other Beasts and Beings in need of fathering.

They offer rescue and comfort:

They protect, and stand up for what is right.

They teach valuable lessons, and lead the way...

...and look out for danger.

They nurture...

They listen.

They play...


...and sometimes make funny faces.

They provide sustenance.

They show that big boys do cry...

And they give love.


The Beasts and Beings
Send special Fathers' Day love to human "Giants"...
Who are fatherly, whether fathers or not...
Who wish they were fathers...
Who miss their fathers.