Friday, September 16, 2011


Friend is friendly to all: Man, Beast, Plant, Rock...Everything. It is part of his charm. We were a little startled, though, when he invited home his latest friend.

I was washing the dishes when Friend popped in...

...and made a rather startling introduction:

(We're very used to his dragonfly friend, Jade. But she, you know, flies around OUTSIDE.)

Friend was clearly delighted with his new friend.

He was sure we would be, too!

My housemates and I explained gently that, yes, "Grassy" was lovely...but that he'd probably be much happier outside than in.

So Friend guided Grassy back outside.

Where he DID seem happier...

Friend agreed. He likes it Outside, too.
But the thing about Grasshoppers is...
They HOP.


I thought Friend might be disappointed.
But he just thought it was cool. Being able to FLY like that.

I left him outside to enjoy the twilight. I went in and finished the dishes, and then my housemates and I sat down and opened a bottle of wine. We were relaxing when Friend came back in, very excited. 

He'd brought home a new friend he couldn't wait for us to meet:

Oh, dear...


Friends are great. They're loyal. They love you.
But you might find a friend of a Friend can bug you.

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