Friday, September 9, 2011

Celebrating Jade, a Special Friend of Friend

The Beasts have been a trifle blue lately (to the degree that is possible) due to witnessing the distress of the "Giants" (a/k/a "humans") following Hurricane Irene. But they wisely know that in Hard Times, it is all the more important to celebrate what is Good.

And what is more Good than a Good Friend?

Friend, as his name suggests, has many friends. He finds friends everywhere--including where the rest of us see "plant" or "rock" or "unidentifiable object."

But Friend has a few Very Special Friends. Like Jade.


Jade is not only a Very Special Friend, she is a Very Special Dragonfly. 

For one thing, she used to be a Butterfly.

She was beautiful, and beloved. But she wanted to stop fluttering (however gracefully) and go after things directly.

Since she already had experience spinning a cocoon (from her earlier transformation from caterpillar), she decided to spin another, and transform herself...

Into a Dragonfly.
With her Dragonfly eyes, she learned to see beautiful, incredible, magical things that other beings did not. And -- with astonishing brilliance -- she found a way to share her vision, to teach the world to see through her gorgeous green Dragonfly Eyes.

And over time -- as all great Artists do -- she felt the need to transform again.  Green was no longer her color. She needed to be bolder, stronger, easier to see.

So she spun yet another cocoon and became:


Today, the Beasts and Bugs and other Beings whose lives have been transformed by Jade join together to celebrate her.

Happy birthday, Jade!

O Loveliest-Visioned Dragonfly!


Beastly thought: If you have a Dear Friend who has helped you see new beauties in the world, it might be nice to express your appreciation today--even if it's not your friend's birthday.

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