Saturday, December 21, 2013

Solstice Watch

The days have grown shorter and darker.

The weather, colder and starker.

Leaf colors have changed in progression,
Then each leaf has left in succession.

We huddle close, to thwart the chill.

But the world grows colder and dimmer still.

We long for warmth, a cheerful glow...
But we are met with gloom and snow.

When things seem bleak as they can get...
We realize it's not even WINTER yet!

And we have many months ahead,
When all is deep and dark and dead.

The powers of night and ice are combined,
And seem inextricably intertwined.
Nature led their paths to merge--
But now she leads them to diverge.

When Winter's sleigh arrives in dark,
Its icy runners emit a spark:

And we see that Winter's frosty trail 
Will take us through ice and storm and hail,

Where the temperatures plunge, and wild winds bite--

But it also brings us back the light.

Beastly Solstice, all!

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