Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paradoxy's BAD Day

When Paradoxy has a BAD Day...


Dodging Treacherous Giants...

And their even more Treacherous Machines:

All she wants to do when she gets home...

is to BE ALONE!


And maybe read part of an Old Favorite Book.

Her friends understand her need for Solitude.

Though they try to think up Gentle Ways to (unobtrusively) help her feel better.

They might bring her a little wine...
 And a piece of excellent Sage Derby cheese.

 But they just leave these things silently.
 (They know that after a BAD Day, she's not ready to talk -- not even to say Thank You.) 
So they leave her to her book, her wine, her cheese -- and her solitude.

And they slip away...

 And, after a while...

She does feel better!

She misses her friends. She wants to share!

So they come back.

And share!

To get rid of the last traces of the BAD Day, Burlie rubs her shoulders.

...and Friend rubs her feet.


Then all is well again.

It's now a GOOD Day!


Remember: When your friends have a bad day, Silence is golden.

(Love & Wine don't hurt, either.)

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